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  1. I’ve been looking into this actually, and some ma’s have replied that clinics usually prefer ppl with a cert, in California at least. And idk about other sites, but on linkedin, they also ask for experience with the cert
  2. Thank you for the suggestion! I signed up for an in person EMT four week course in October an hr from where I live. I don’t live in NC but this sounds like a rly good option otherwise
  3. Thank you for the detailed advice! It seems like everyone is saying that EMT is more worthwhile, so I've signed up for an EMT course with CIEMT!
  4. I just recently decided to go to PA school and am trying to get PCE hours but also be employed. Right now, I'm looking into whether it would be better to be an MA or EMT-B, but it seems like getting the MA cert would be faster, with online classes and easier accessibility. After looking through some forums, many have said that being EMT-B would be better, but the classes for these take longer and have less availability (if you know a good online program please tell me). Would it be a good idea to just start the MA class (SFSU MA program that also has an externship which I am also worried
  5. Hi @HopefulPA0004!!! I was wondering if you'd be able to give an update on how this went for you? I also live in California and am hoping to get the CCMA cert. Were you able to get a job after and apply for PA school? Just wanted to see if this would be a good route and hope you’re doing well!
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