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  1. Applying for a second time this year, and found the forum to be a really helpful and reassuring place. Wanted to start the topic page early for anyone else interested in this program.
  2. It was a pleasure meeting you today! Best of luck!!
  3. Wow, this makes me sad. I absolutely loved AMC.
  4. So the email was incorrect, it’s probably the same generic one that we received in September. But they sent one out last week to people who had been waitlisted for a while that there were 90+ people on the waitlist.
  5. Waitlisted a couple weeks ago now. Just keeping fingers crossed and eagerly checking email/voicemail hourly.
  6. Are they waitlisting now because they have already filled all their spots?
  7. SAME HERE!!! I've emailed several times and each time they said they're working out dates. I am trying to be patient but just really nervous they might rescind the offer because they have already filled all their spots or something! The waiting game is the hardest.
  8. I interviewed on the 24th and received notification of waitlisting on Friday of last week.
  9. Hi there, Just curious if you could share when you submitted/verified/offered interview etc? I submitted I believe early August so I am expecting it is too early to hear anything yet!
  10. CONGRATS!!! Applied a little late and only recently verified. Am interested to hear about your interview experiences and stats if you are willing to share?
  11. Has anyone received a straight up rejection yet or do they wait to the end of the cycle to send those?
  12. CONGRATS!!! Would anyone accepted be willing to share there stats and overall experience with interviews?
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