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  1. does anyone know if shadowing hours are due by start date or matriculation? I only have 10 hours and I saw that you need 15. Nobody has let me shadow since covid started.
  2. So I am applying for this cycle and I previously entered my job in experiences as current. after submitting the application I had to quit this job because it was a terrible work environment. However, it is in CASPA as current so idk what to do. I also got a new job but it doesn't start for another week and I was going to submit my apps this weekend so i am not sure how to go about this. Also is it better to apply sooner with less PCE or later with more PCE???
  3. I feel like a lot of people are applying right out of college now a days. Anyways, had anyone had any success with low PCE hours???? I have a 3.6 Gpa and a 3.4 Science Gpa but only like 700 hours working as a Patient Care Tech in a hospital. Let me know if anyone has had success with similar hours.
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