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  1. Do you guys have another program to enroll into in case UNT doesn't get back to you?
  2. Lol, I wish there was a thing! I'm getting all these emails about making sure you tell UNTHSC if you're not interested and I'm over here like I promise I will not decline you, give it to me please!
  3. Wait you got the email about the waitlist movement a few days ago? I got the email this morning. When did you get the email?
  4. I'm in the same place as you! Hope we both hear back soon!
  5. How did you decline? I am also going to give up my spot and I hope someone here gets an acceptance soon!
  6. I heard that there were 10 interview dates and 2/15 was the last one, that was according to the faculty.
  7. Got an acceptance to the San Antonio campus today! Interviewed 1/26 I guess there might not be a group for accepted students yet?
  8. Were you given the choice for either San Antonio or Laredo? Or do they just assign you and you can't choose the other?
  9. Thank you! I was verified June 2nd. I think I got a last minute invitation for this interview.
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