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  1. I also got waitlisted. I’m hopeful for us that we will get off! Do they have more interview sessions?
  2. I know I’m interviewing on the 22nd, are there more interviews after that??
  3. are they done interviewing? I applied pretty late so I was just wondering
  4. I interviewed yesterday and they said they would let me know by mid/late January
  5. I just got invited for an interview this morning! They said it will likely be in January/feb.
  6. Yeah I agree! They got to know me as a student and personally where other programs didn’t try to get to know me at all. I’m praying for us!
  7. Same here! Praying I get off the waitlist! This schools interview process was by far the best interview process I had so far
  8. Yeah I am in a similar boat. I applied late June and got the second round screening email end of July and have not heard anything back since....
  9. In my interview on September 25th they told my session that we won't hear back til November/December.. basically until all interview sessions are over. They also said that unless they really really liked you after the interview you would hear back a week or two after the session but everyone else has to wait.
  10. I also interviewed on the 24th and have not heard anything! Its annoying they told us one week and now its been two and still silence...
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