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  1. I am a first time applicant and I got a rejection, followed by a disregard email.
  2. Congrats to those accepted! I applied to Lynchburg with an outstanding Genetics prerequisite because it wasn't offered at my university. I received an email from them asking me to reply via email with the info of my planned Genetics course (institution, course, etc.). I sent them this info and they replied asking me to update my CASPA. I'm a bit confused by this response. The course is only planned, I have not completed it as it begins in January 2021. I am not aware of a place to note that in CASPA. Anyone else have this experience or know what they mean? Thanks
  3. Anyone who submitted/received confirmation beginning of August receive an interview?
  4. Anyone hear back for interviews yet? I did not find anything on Reddit for them...
  5. Hi! Does anyone know if they are open to considering applications without '500 hours upon application' requirement due to COVID? Thanks.
  6. Submitted my supplemental July 3rd and still haven't heard back about an interview. Can't tell if I should be expecting a rejection email or if my application is still in the running. Hoping for the best!
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