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  1. Hi guys! I put my deposit down for this program and I would love to get to know others who also saved a seat here. Is there a group chat that I could be added to or I could make one if anyone is interested?:)
  2. Hi! The format is a small group interview with some ethical and scenario based questions, a short essay with scenario based questions, and then a short individual interview with the traditional questions.
  3. Thank you! I really liked everything they had to offer, and the faculty was very nice in the interview.
  4. Sorry I was misspoken, they don’t send an itinerary but there will be a presentation, group interview, and individual interview!
  5. Yes you should get an email that gives you the itinerary and zoom link to your interview!
  6. The group interview is 30 minutes and the individual is between 10-15 max.
  7. That’s cool!! I’m from western PA
  8. Yay! Excited to meet you guys! What’s your name?!
  9. Awesome, I'm in my senior year at the University of Pittsburgh! That's pretty far from Thiel right?
  10. Yes, and the powerpoint we received in the email was pretty helpful, but I am hoping to get to ask some questions! That sounds kind of fun actually lol! Where did you go for undergrad?
  11. Cool, I am assuming we are in the same group for tomorrow! I am interested too, someone said before that it was a really enjoyable experience and everyone was really nice. I am wondering what we will be doing during the group interview.
  12. I do! I am really excited to get to meet everyone! What's your name?
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