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  1. I'm on the waitlist as well, for the PA/MPH program, and I haven't heard anything either. Staying optimistic and hopeful as well!
  2. I interviewed in November, and my faculty interviewer did not ask me any questions about COVID and how it affected me. But I am not sure if other applicants were asked those kinds of questions. I found my interview to be very straightforward, and was not asked any curveball questions. Good luck on your upcoming interview!
  3. I also received an email saying I was waitlisted for the dual degree program. It's a bummer, but there is still a chance we will be moved off the waitlist and be accepted into the program. Congratulations to those receiving acceptances for the PA program and dual degree program; it's very exciting!
  4. I just submitted my deposit today, and so far all I have received is the payment confirmation.
  5. What email did you use to contact Arcadia University?
  6. I interviewed 11/9 and have still not heard anything, although my faculty interviewer said I should hear back from Arcadia in about 2 weeks. So I totally understand your anxiety! If we don't hear anything, does that automatically mean that we are rejected?
  7. My interviewer did not tell me that the dual degree decisions may take slightly longer, so thank you for letting me know! Hopefully we will hear back any day now; waiting for an admissions decision is definitely anxiety-producing!
  8. For people who already interviewed, how long did it take to hear about an admissions decision? I interviewed for the dual MPH/PA program, and at the end of my interview I was told I would hear back from Arcadia in about 2 weeks. It has been 3 weeks and I still haven't heard back from them.. I'm starting to become concerned!
  9. My interview was conversational, and the professor who interviewed me was very friendly! I was definitely nervous because 15 minutes is a very short interview especially for PA school, but the interview was more relaxed than I thought it would be. Good luck!
  10. Has anyone who has gotten accepted received an email from them? I saw my acceptance in the portal, but did not receive an email stating to check the portal or anything of that sort. I believe they said they would send out emails as well.
  11. Just got my acceptance in the portal as well!! Good luck to everyone waiting to hear back, or those with upcoming interviews! You all got this!
  12. Me either! They told me in the interview that it may take up to 30 days especially because of Thanksgiving, but I was curious because people from earlier interviews with this program seemed to hear back earlier than that.
  13. Has anyone heard back about admission decisions from the 11/5 interview?
  14. Congratulations on your acceptance; that is huge!! I was just curious; are you able to choose which campus location you will be doing your MPH and MMS, or is that pre-assigned to you upon your acceptance into the dual degree program? I just had my interview and I am anxiously awaiting my admissions decision!
  15. I believe I read on some of the other pages for MCPHS that for this application cycle, some applicants scheduled interviews for the start of 2021. So, I think that people are receiving late interviews. Don't be discouraged; it is still great they offered you an interview invite!
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