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  1. Hello hello! I have an update about the interview that I was offered. I have it on 1/18 and there is a writing sample that they will require from us during the interview. My question is for those who have already been interviewed; I will not ask for specifics. However, can anyone give out any advice or a feedback about the writing sample session?
  2. Hi guys! I have not been on this forum for a while due to no PA schools reaching out. Back in October, I went to the campus to get a feel for what it's like and just got an interview offer from them today (date not specified yet!) I wanted to go ahead and see if anyone has heard back since they last posted!
  3. Wow I am sorry:( You must have worked your ass off for that GPA. I applied with an overall 3.5 but I think TJU wants a 3.25 individually like cumulative, prereqs. and science GPA. So honestly, I have been talking myself into preparing for the rejection letter. Wish me luck!
  4. If you don't mind me asking, was your science GPA at or higher than the school requirement or was it lower?
  5. Does anyone know if thomas jefferson university do a Holistic Review or do they automatically reject those that do not have a 3.2 science GPA? I have already emailed the program admissions about this but I have not received a reply and I do not want pay the application fee if they will automatically reject me? Please I need answers asap.
  6. Hi everyone, Freshmen and Sophomore year, I received a C (1 in each yr) in two courses due to being mentally unstable after the death of someone close to me. The PA schools that I am looking at have the courses that received a C in as prereqs and I did not get to retake them. Now I am a senior in my undergrad and I am terrified whether AT LEAST ONE school will take me or none. What do you guys think?
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