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  1. 14 years in. A couple more years till my 20. I think I can keep going till they kick me out after my 20. I am not sure what/which office is office of secretary. I work with the FDA.
  2. Don’t forget to add your pension to your net worth. When you add that after doing 20+years, your hourly rate is through the roof. Jake broe can give you the formula to do this. Seeing how much you can earn will push you to stay in and max out your years of service. Not a lot of civilians know how much a pension is worth.
  3. Im in the USPHS PM if you still have questions
  4. 'Not worth the decline in my mental, physical and emotional well-being' <--worth to burn a bridge for your sake. Unfortunately these things happen. Do yourself and everyone else a favor, move on. There's a candidate out there who better fit this position and there's a position waiting out there for you (sounds like a dating game). I have experienced these x3. No regrets, everyone moves on.
  5. Contact NJSSPA https://njsspa.mypanetwork.com/contact.They can help you out as well.
  6. If no other choice or another to compare it with, I would take this offer and bump up the pay if you can. It seems like that is the only one you can negotiate. For the other benefits you would need to wait a bit. It’s a bit difficult to negotiate a part-time position in low volume patient but highly saturated job market. You may have to live like a student for another couple of months. Any chance of non clinical full time positions? Drug safety in a pharmaceutical facility. Or work in a federal facility such as detention center or correctional facility? These are great places for new grad.
  7. As a new grad, you’re priority should be looking for a place where you can learn and have good mentors and teachers. Pay will come later. Looks like you can learn a lot from this place since it offers opportunity In urgent care, family practice, and a speciality in cardiology. However, since it’s only part time this may hinder your growth in your profession plus it may affect you from looking for a full time position. I also tell new grads to try to work in places away from where they live or graduated from. This will really open up more opportunities, gives you new prospective, shows
  8. Same with the prison. You get a temporary.
  9. Typical question. They want to see how fast you get up when you are knocked down.
  10. Im not sure if you are a still a student or a new grad. But sounds like you have doubts in your current path. It also sounds like you have not traveled long enough to fully explore the PA field. If you really want to ‘master’ medicine (a very specific part of medicine), the MD path is the way to go. We need more physicians! Our name (Assistant) says it all but a lot of colleagues has always seen this as a bad thing. We need to encourage and support those who may be working with in the future. Our profession would not exist without them. Our profession however is unique and I have taken adva
  11. It’s another field PAs should excel in. Not much information on this out there. But as a PA, you can do pharma job and work part time as a clinician...get the best of both worlds. I think you have a higher ceiling in pharma and get an advantage amosgst other applicant since you are a PA. It’s an untapped market for us.
  12. Any interest in the USPHS? I too was interested in the Navy right after PA school but back then they only accepted PAs who are in their own program. That’s when I learned about the USPHS. I know not many PAs knows about them and some have transferred over from the sister services.
  13. Nice blog. Have you (MSPAC2) landed a non-clinical job? How has your research in this position been? Still interested?
  14. You need to look for keywords to search for. I didn't know about drug safety until my nurse friend (non-clinical) told me to apply for a drug safety position. These types of positions require clinical experiences and most are posted for nurses (since our profession has not moved to the non-clinical field..yet!). I think one entry level position PAs can apply for in pharma is 'Drug Safety Associate.' You can work outside the US with this position as well. You also will not need to be certified. Some PAs also became Clinical Research Managers, Study Coordinators (partly clinical), Health Insuran
  15. I would look into working w/ US doctors who regularly participates in global missions. A PA colleague who usually volunteers with the FloatingDoctors (floatingdoctors.com) now works with them and regularly travels to Panama. Now he is full-time w/ them and manages their trips and operations.
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