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  1. Thank you 3Qra20, I did send the admissions committee a thank you letter about one month after my interview. After that I just waited, and randomly one afternoon in February I received the phone call. -Elizabeth
  2. Thank you so much ! Best of luck to you as well! -Elizabeth
  3. Congratulation's! Its a wonderful feeling, after waiting this long!
  4. Good afternoon everyone! (former waitlister here) I was just received a phone call from Jennifer Erickson and I have been accepted to the Tacoma class!
  5. To day is a great day! I just received a phone call from Jennifer Erickson and I have been accepted!
  6. Just another waitlist candidate that hasn't heard anything and going a bit crazy. Has anyone heard if anyone has dropped out or rejecter their seat? I saw that one person from the Tacoma campus dropped their spot, but I'm not sure if they will fill it or not? I also think that the last interview for all of their sites was held this past weekend on 1/16/21 for the Kona campus ( I could be wrong on that, but I think so). Maybe after all of the seats are offered for all their campuses, they will start looking at waitlist candidates to fill any open spots?
  7. Anyone know if they have filled all of the seats with this past interview on the 14th? Do they often pull from their wait list? Are there any current students that were pulled from the waitlist? Will there be any more interviews? I remember them saying something about another interview in February.
  8. I believe they said they would be meeting in the afternoon today. It looks like the first interview section heard back starting around 1:30-2 ish.
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