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  1. There is a Facebook group and GroupMe! Once you pay the deposit and receive confirmation, you’ll receive the link to the Facebook group (there is also an introduction thread amongst accepted students where you can share your phone number and be added to the GroupMe).
  2. After a lengthy debate, I will be declining my offer at MUSC in order to attend Duke. I am wishing all of you the very best on your journey through PA school!!
  3. Did anyone have the option to pay the $1125 deposit with a credit card?!
  4. Hi. Cat12! I was originally waitlisted after the second round of interviews! I received an acceptance offer last week (I believe my offer was sent out at the same time decisions from the third round of interview were sent out) so don’t lose hope!! From firsthand experience, they are pulling individuals off of the waitlist along the way. Stay positive
  5. I just received an acceptance email after being placed on the waitlist following my interview on 11/12!! I’m in total shock.. I’m a first generation student that survived high school by sleeping on the couches of various friends and sneaking extra food from the lunch line.. and I was just accepted to the number one PA program in the United States. I cannot believe this is finally happening for me..
  6. Radio silence over here! I’m also refreshing my email and constantly checking to see if I’ve missed a call.. this is stressful!
  7. Hi there! I received my acceptance call today so I have not been assigned to a campus yet (although I did submit my form for the Winston-Salem campus). I’d love to connect with all of you so feel free to add me on insta @ShianneAWood or facebook!
  8. I just received my acceptance call.. I’m still shaking and in absolute shock!! Timeline: Primary application: 7/28 Secondary: 8/26 Interview invite: 10/27 Interview: 11/23 Acceptance: 12/11
  9. I haven’t received a decision letter yet. Every day I become more and more nervous though.. The last email stated a decision would be sent out in “early to mid December” so we should find out soon!
  10. I received an email with my wait list decision, but I'm still very happy with that result! It was an honor to even have the chance to interview with Duke so I'm hoping for the best. Congratulations to all of you that have been accepted!!
  11. I had my interview last Thursday, but I’ve started to overthink my responses to the questions so now I’m becoming more anxious while waiting to hear about a final decision... anyone else?!?
  12. There are a few spots available for the last interview day. I'm sending you positive vibes in hopes that you hear from them soon!
  13. To everyone that’s received an interview invitation, are you an in-state or out-of-state applicant? I’m out-of-state (and so honored to be a part of the interview process)!
  14. I just received an interview invitation.. I'm still in shock. I will be interviewing on Saturday, November 21st!
  15. After months of radio silence, I received a call for an interview invitation this morning!!
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