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  1. Evening everyone, As the title says, looking to buy that set if anyone is looking to part ways with theirs. Please let me know if anyone has, thank you.
  2. Anyone know typically how long it takes to hear back about a rejection/ acceptance? I interviewed 12/3 and haven’t heard anything.
  3. From my understanding yes. They will most likely go through applications now, to see who is eligible for interviews, then hand them after the January deadline.
  4. My understanding is deadline schools (non rolling) will look at applications before the deadline. They will not send out interviews until after their deadline however. So, the people getting the “we moved you application to phase xyz” just means they are progressing through the review process because they applied earlier in the cycle. In essence, they don’t do first come first serve, they look at all the applications instead of “who sent theirs in the earliest” before sending out interviews.
  5. Take a breathe. As someone that has gone through a few interviews and has gotten straight up rejections, I can say the PA process is slow and time consuming. For everyone waiting, certainly try to distract yourselves, staring at the email inbox is stressful. From my experience (others can chime in as well) no news is good news. If you didn’t meet a schools threshold for stats (in my case Albany, Rutgers, and Hofstra) they usually send a rejection email in the first week or so. If you have not heard back, assume you are still in the running until the class is filled. Of course keep in
  6. Hello all, it was great interviewing with the people I did (10/15 I think it was). I was unfortunately rejected. I wish the rest of you waiting for a decision luck, definitely check the Pace application page for the decision. For those going in to interview, it is a wonderful experience and do not be nervous about it. Best of luck.
  7. Thank you, and I did put my deposit down, but I am not 100% sure if I will be attending. This is an awesome program and from the interview, I am certain they will get their accreditation. However, I also got a interview from Pace PLV, and they are only an hour away from where I live, vs this school which is 6 hours away. The most I can offer in term of information is that you get the interview, then a week or two after that they email a decision. They will mail you the acceptance packet and send you an email for a deposit to accept the seat. You have about a month to make a decision. if y
  8. I believe it was Thursday, Oct 1st. They contacted me by email with the acceptance.
  9. Hello, I was just accept into this program. If you guys have an questions please feel free to ask me. Someone said they wanted to know stats for someone that was accepted, here are mine GPA: 3.3 sGPA: 3.2 Shadowing about 80 hours Volunteering about 800 hours A little above 4000 PCE hours as an EMT-B. The interview is very relaxed, do not go in nervous, faculty is very welcoming and friendly.
  10. Congrats to everyone that got a decision and was accepted. Still waiting to hear about mine.
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