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  1. Yeah it really sucks to have to start over. I’m looking into getting another bachelor’s degree in healthcare. Just not healthcare management since I already have that. It does add some time and a little bit more money to this journey now but I’m glad I’m not the only one and it’s still possible. Good luck to you too!
  2. Thank you! I’m thinking the cheapest option is to take something online since it’s convenient. I’m just worried about it being valid for regional accreditation so maybe I can check with admissions and give them a few to see if they qualify. It’s just a cheaper option I think than taking the science classes at an expensive 4 year.
  3. Hi, So I've been doing a lot of research trying to see if it is feasible for me to be a physician's assistant. I am an ultrasound technician/ back office manager and have shadowed with many hours with other PA's, NP's and Dr.'s. I have clinical hours needed. I have a lot of humanities and general courses needed as the pre-requisites. I am currently enrolled at a community college to get some of the science pre-requisites needed. I have been contacting admissions at different schools to make sure my classes completed would be sufficient. I also have my bachelor's degree in healthcare manag
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