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  1. @lindsey311 May I ask when your application went under review??
  2. My CASPA application was verified Monday but still no confirmation email from Mary-Hardin that they received my application. Did y’all get an email once they received it? If so how long after it was verified did you get it?
  3. Thank you! If the school does not have a minimum set but requires the GRE should I still apply to those?
  4. This is technically my 3rd cycle (but I really only count this as my 2nd) to apply to PA school. I have a GRE combined score of 289, I know this is not strong and the average is 300. Should I retake it? It would be my 3rd time taking it and these tests are not for me. I have a good GPA, 3000+ PCE, lots of shadowing and volunteering hours.
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