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  1. I’m starting at Duke in a few days. This site was very helpful during the admissions process. let me know if anyone has any questions that i could answer! DM preferred but if not i’ll try to answer here. good luck! edited because i accidnelty deleted
  2. I was within the top 15. Rather note say exactly. Hope it helps others out though!
  3. Placed on the alternate list but will ask to be removed as I’ve accepted elsewhere. This Program is obviously a great one. Good luck everyone!
  4. I got a confirmation from the office we had to pay but not from DPAP after sending the receipt to them. I figured I’d give it a few day’s and then reach out again just to make sure the seat is secured.
  5. Accepted but will have to turn down. Really kind people here but was accepted elsewhere. Good luck everyone in your pursuit to serve!
  6. Accepted but will turn down. Good luck everyone! This school is sincere and will produce awesome PAs!!
  7. Accepted and deposit placed. See you all in the fall! Good luck to all!
  8. Accepted! There is no doubt that Pacific will give anyone who attends an exceptional education. Good luck everyone!
  9. Same! It had been close to 4 months waiting for me. Good luck to you!
  10. I did, it came in a few hours ago for me. It was a survey that let you pick your top 5 date/time preferences for the interviews and more information about what they will look like!
  11. I would love to hear more about the program from both of you if possible! Here are some questions I was wondering: What do you think sets this program apart? From what I understand, this is a systems based program, how do you like that and could you expand on that? Is there anything you wish you would have known before enrolling--either good or bad? What is the relationship like between students and faculty/staff? How do you like the area? I'm from out of state and hear its pretty rural--which I don't mind! How has COVID impacted the program, (didactic and/or clinical) is there any end in sight to tele-learning? If either of you are in it, what are the clinical rotations like? Is it a smooth transition with faculty/staff finding sights or no? Any issues with finding housing? are most close or far? This is just off the top of my head... I always like to know as much as I can about a program. Thank you both for any info you can give! Stay safe.
  12. Got an interview! Ultimately I had to turn it down due to personal reasons. Hopefully this opens up a spot for someone soon. Good luck!
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