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  1. Honestly not sure !! I’ve never been on this so I don’t know, I feel like it’s just if someone else cancels for that day there’s a line of people on waitlist at the offer it to. but I wonder if there isn’t any people that cancel, do we get the next day of interviewing? Interesting
  2. Never got this email, they told me it’s because they had issues sendin out confirmations in the beginning. Seems like lot of emails were sent out via email to check portals’
  3. Havent had an invite yet for this school, since i had to keep going back and forward with them on my application updates. Hoping soon ill get an invite!
  4. Hello everyone! I hope your cycle is going well & you guys are all doing amazing! I was just wondering if anyone can share how the classes are or have been going. Got an interview invite trying to learn as much as i can about this program! Thanks!
  5. Just got the invite for their virtual tour, wondering if this Is the next step before they send out interview invites, I will keep you updated on that. Also I remember two months ago was going back and forward with the director in regards to application she was just asking a bunch of questions about my application & made me send in more proof docs about shadowing. Seems like their ontop of applications though. just giving some insight if anyone was looking for!
  6. Does anyone know what kind of essays they make you write for the interview? Just got an email saying you need to write 2 so im just wondering. If anyone knows anything about their interview style too id appreciate it! Thanks
  7. Someone might of asked this but does anyone know when invites are being sent out??
  8. Not really sure as what to say to them? I was thinking about it but i have absolutely no clue how to phase it hahaha. Any tips?
  9. Ahhh upset, this is my top choice. Havent gotten an email in regards to an email. Sent out my app early may. Kinda sucks but good luck to everyone else!
  10. Nothing on my end here, sadly. Hopefully we all hear something soon
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