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  1. Would love to know if any, how many people got picked off waitlist last year??
  2. For refrence I submitted 5/17 & i got my verified 5/29 interview 7/24
  3. Yup completely agree with you, the summer housing seems nice but a waste of money if the apartments are available already
  4. Are you guys interested in the summer housing or no?
  5. Yeah im on board with you, especially cuz of everything going on definitely would recommend waiting until then. God forbid we cant go back & have to do online
  6. Whoever did get accepted, was wondering if you guys have started looking at apartments? Dont mind me asking whats your living plan? Do you guys want roommates or havent thought of it yet?
  7. If I remember correctly I interviewed on 7/24 & it ended around 12:23. Depending on how the groups are all doing on time, i know group 1 had some issues in the morning starting. So it really just depends but i think their good on timing hope this helps!
  8. Its definitely an interesting perspective, i think ur right & thats why early applications are important. I also feel as if covid-19 has an effect on this entire application cycle too which alot of applications are going to be either overlooked simply because of the time thats been wasted on dealing with the delays.
  9. Wow thats intense, i feel like last year i saw so many people get interviews thats why im doubting it
  10. For reference i applied in may & i got my interview in july hope this helps
  11. Does anyone believe that marist says they only give interviews to 10-20% of applicants? Kind of skeptical about that
  12. Just spoke to christine today and she told my my application was there & verified. their office is having a lot of issues sending out emails so id advise if you have questions to get in touch with them!
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