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  1. Declined my acceptance off of the waitlist after already accepting a seat at another program. Best of luck to everyone!
  2. Received my acceptance call today for the dual program. Super excited for what the future will hold! Congrats to everyone & best of luck to those interviewing!
  3. Has anyone received their schedule for interview day?
  4. Just received an interview invitation for 9/2 for the MSPH/MSPS dual degree program. For those who interviewed previously-- any tips for the interview?
  5. CASPA App submitted- June 1st Application forwarded for review- June 4th FAFSA received by SU- Aug 12th
  6. I specifically asked about COVID and because cases aren't high in the Shenandoah Valley area they have been back in-person since the beginning of June and they are planning to start on time, in-person in January.
  7. I felt like the interviews were very chill! Both of my interviewers asked 3 required questions & we started a convo off of those. For those who interviewed-- when did Admissions say we would hear from them with decisions? I wrote a lot of things down, but not that. Oops!
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