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  1. Starting a page for accepted students: https://www.facebook.com/groups/416047556179864/?ref=share Let me know if it works.
  2. Hi all, I was rejected from this broken and felt heartbroken. A day after, I was accepted into a different program that I ended up falling in love with! The bottom line - I'm going to be a PA! Keep your head up high. Just because one school says no doesn't mean another won't say yes. You will be a PA! You're enough! You got this! Good luck and best wishes to all of you!
  3. It was a great experience. The current students and staff are so welcoming and down to earth.
  4. Also received my waitlist letter today.
  5. I'll be interviewing on the 18th! I plan on going on campus. Are you opting for in person or virtual?
  6. You'll hear back soon! It looks like they're working on reviewing June applications now. I applied in August, so it will probably be a while until my application is reviewed. Best of luck!
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