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  1. I will be starting PA school next Siring. I intended on joining the military after schools, but it seems that it is not that easy to do. After graduating, if that doesn’t work out, I intend to go back to PA. I know my graduation is roughly three years away, but how is the new-grad job market in PA, more specifically in the Northeast. Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area mainly.
  2. I’m starting PA school next May. My plan the entire time was to direct commission into the military when I graduated, but now I’m not so sure if it’s possible. (Commissioning after PA school, not with a scholarship such as the HCSP). Every time I try to research it, I find so much conflicting information. Some people say that you can direct commission right out of PA school. Some people say you need 1-2 years of experience. Some people say they take a bunch of direct commissions every year. Some people say they only take 1-2 per year in certain branches. I’m mainly interested in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and the National Guard (not very interested in the coast guard). When I graduate PA school, I will be 23 years old (3+2 program right out of high school). When I was in high school, the PA job market was seemingly strong, but now it seems that New-grads are having a hard time finding jobs (with many taking over 6 months to find employment after graduation) and it seems that many are taking jobs with low salaries (~80k per year) and not so good benefits (little to no PTO). So I would definitely like to get experience in the military before entering the civilian job market if possible. If anyone could help me understand the process better it would be greatly appreciated.
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