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  1. I finally recieved my rejection letter a few days ago. Good luck to all and congrats to those accepted!
  2. Same here! No luck... congrats to those accepted and offered an interview opportunities.
  3. Ok thank you sooo much! This forum needed a little love, its been kinda quiet. Thanks for sharing:) @jennsPA
  4. How did you find out about the early acceptance? Is there another forum?
  5. Idk you guys...I spoke with Dr. Morgan, and he says he currently has 2,100 applicants and counting until the cycle closes on Oct. 1st. I think we're all a little nervous. Does anyone have post interview feedback that they'd like to share.
  6. Assuming this is the first round. Does anyone know how many rounds of interviews FSU typically has?
  7. That's been a burning question for those that were rejected without interview. Unfortunately, only generic feedback is given. I'm not sure how you could enhance your application, however I'm sure there are many other schools that would offer you an interview without question. Its an awful feeling to be rejected without reason. Its obvious you've worked very hard, we all have! It will pay off, just keep your head up! And keep applying!
  8. Thank you! @Christian97 Has anyone received any other email correspondence besides the supplemental app fee? Just curious, this is my first cycle.
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