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  1. I got the call on Tuesday and have not received the email yet. I know on the call they said it could take a couple days, but really hoping to get it before EOD today.
  2. Also got invited for an interview today for Jan/Feb
  3. received a rejection letter (via snail mail) from the 10/14 interview date
  4. Received a waitlist letter as well from the Sept 25th interview day.
  5. Same... I didn't see the new deadline before starting it and only used like the 10 minutes I had before 12:25. I honestly don't think its worth emailing them about it, but just gotta vent a little . Hopefully, the rest of the interview goes smoothly. Good luck to everyone!
  6. @carleton Same.... had planned to do it on my lunch break too since all the other times weren't great for me. Hopefully it comes soon.
  7. Received an invitation to interview today! I had applied and was verified around the last week of July. Interview set for 10/15.
  8. Hi All! Excited to have received an interview notification today. They only had times on Sep 25th left. I submitted in late August. Good luck to everyone and congrats to those who have already heard back!
  9. Also invited to interview this morning! You guys were too fast... Only spots available on December 3rd left. I think they may have sent out offers in order of submission. I only submitted my application the last week of August.
  10. I got an interview notification today! It will be on Oct 14th. Was invited for a secondary in late August that was marked received Aug 25th. Good luck to everyone and congrats to those already accepted!!
  11. Got a secondary today! Application was marked received on Jul 26th.
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