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  1. I called them a while back and they said they don't send out rejections until the end of cycle so basically if you haven't received and interview by now you should assume your rejection. I did not receive an invite either and I am preparing to apply next cycle. Hope this helps.
  2. Has anybody from the waitlist heard anything? When I had my post interview feed back with Anna she mentioned they would give waitlist applicants a more concrete answer during March but its has been silent so far. I'm sure they will reach out to us soon but I was just wondering if anybody has heard anything recently?
  3. I have originally received the interview to waitlist in October sometime. Reached out to them via email last Friday and today finally I received a rejection. Congrats to those who were accepted this cycle.
  4. Not to be negative but more realistic. I got the same email as well. And if you think about if there are any spots left open the waitlisted candidates from interviews are first in line then its the waitlist to interview. So I dont even know if they reach the waitlist to interview candidates. Im not getting my hopes up but i guess you really dont know what can happen wish you best of luck though.
  5. Does anyone know when they send out rejection emails? I checked last year forum but I didn't see anyone discussing rejection emails, and when I called all they say is application is under review. I received the welcome letter on 06/05.
  6. Was placed on the alternative list from the 11/6 interview. Congratulations to those accepted!
  7. Got my rejection today. Congratulations to those who got accepted.
  8. Yess! I'm the same timeline as you and haven't heard back yet from Rush. Waiting patiently hope for the best for everyone who applied!
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