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  1. I got pulled off the waitlist today for the ELP- Law program! Super, super excited! I can’t wait to meet you all!
  2. Has anyone heard anything regarding their status on the active applicant list yet? Patiently waiting for some sort of news!
  3. Any idea when the last interview is? Or how long after that until they start reaching out to people on the active applicant list?
  4. Has anyone been pulled off the active applicant list for either of the Emerging Leaders Programs?
  5. I know the program starts in a few weeks - any chance of being pulled off the waitlist at this point?
  6. Same here I’m on the waitlist for the dual degree and feeling extremely discouraged
  7. Does anyone know when their last interview date will be or if they're still giving out interview invites?
  8. Has anyone been pulled off the waitlist for the dual degree program yet?
  9. Congrats!!! Was this for the dual degree MPH/ PA or the regular PA route?
  10. Nothing yet unfortunately. I know in past years they've put more than 7 students into the dual degree PA/MPH program... has anyone heard if they plan to do that this year or if they're set with the 7 that have already been accepted?
  11. Same here - I submitted my supplemental about a month ago or more too and still haven't heard anything
  12. They talk about it a bit more in the interview as well. I think the main difference is the size - WS is a bigger cohort and a bigger campus, while Boone is a bit smaller and is a part of Appalachian State University I believe. I don't really know what the algorithm is for them to choose which applicants get placed at which campus - but if you have any circumstances that would cause you to need to be in one location over the other (i.e. your spouse living/ working closer to one of the schools or something like that) then they somewhat give you a choice. Other than that, they say they base it of
  13. Has anyone been pulled off of the active applicant waitlist yet?
  14. Oh yikes that is terrible news lol that just drops the odds of being pulled off the waitlist immensely, I am quite doubtful that anyone in that program would decline their seat
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