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  1. Sadly I just got a rejection email. Best of luck to everyone who is still in the running!
  2. Hello! I recently applied to Texas PA schools in June but I am looking for more ways to gain more shadowing hours for the next application cycle in case I don't get in! How have y'all approached shadowing during COVID? I'm just not sure that PAs would let me shadow them because the COVID risks and social distancing and everything. What experiences have you all had? I am from Texas by the way! COVID precautions are getting pretty relaxed here. I have an opportunity to shadow an orthopedic NP. Do you think that PA schools would see that as valuable? Good luck to everyone applyin
  3. Congrats to everyone who has gotten an interview invite! And I’m sorry to everyone who got rejected! Don’t give up! You’ll get in somewhere else or next time round! I haven’t received an inteview invite or a rejection letter so does that mean i’m still in running? Is there anyone else in the same boat as me. Wondering if I should call them or wait it out
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