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  1. Hi there just to clarify I have a 2.9 already. I am working to increase my GPA. I will definitely read the Yale Forum!
  2. Wow I didn’t expect to see so many of us! You are totally right it’s more like 2/2.5 hours one way with bad traffic and like 5ish all the way around. Oh snap I didn’t even know about the NAU option I was under the impression it was at the flagstaff facility!!!
  3. Thank you so much for the responses I am going to add AT Still Arizona and California to the list (I am originally from California so Santa Maria will be a nice change of pace from 112 degree heat with zero humidity) and Midwestern Arizona (my little brother lives near by) to the list with Yale Online. I think I’ll add NAU to the list as well since I’m already entertaining AT Still California. There was an alternative medicine school in California with a provisionally accredited program near my hometown that I thought was strange. I’m also going to take the rest of my pre-reqs at my Alma mat
  4. So I live in Tucson Arizona and my fiancé and I just bought a house from his father. I originally was going to be a Clinical Psychologist but the median salary to PhD/PsyD debt ratio is atrocious. I was speaking with a former mentor and internship director now friend who told me that I would be better suited to being a Physician Assistant and that therapy doesn’t seem to have professional fulfillment (based on my experience as a group cbt facilitator.) He is totally right, I believe that therapy is an immensely helpful tool in treating behavioral health conditions, I just don’t think I should
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