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  1. Does anyone know if the waitlist is ranked? And if admissions is allowed to give ranking info/status to waitlisted people?
  2. Was anyone able to access the link for the student Q&A for today? It’s still not working for me
  3. I keep refreshing the page but it keeps saying the event has ended i think theres another student Q&A if we cant make it to this one? I hope this doesn't happen for the interview lol
  4. It says that for me! I was waiting for the timer then when it hit 0 seconds it says the event has ended
  5. Hey, so I think they do lol. I was looking under their admissions class profile, and there was a pie chart that showed the different types of clinical experiences they have had in the past and scribing was included in the chart. so I think we should be good!
  6. Hey everyone! Has anyone applied with scribing experience as their only HCE/PCE? I don't see on the website that they take it under their recommended HCE/PCE..
  7. Thanks for your comment! I will just pray and be hopeful, we are still in the running so we shouldn't give up just yet! Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday. :))
  8. Hey guys, does anyone know how likely it is to be pulled off the waitlist to interview?
  9. Congratulations to everyone who received interviews/acceptances so far! Has anyone who received an email to update their phone number not hear back for an interview yet?
  10. Hi Jay! thank you so much for your advice, I felt like i more of a clearer idea of how the interview would look like! It was very relaxing actually and the most comfortable interview I’ve had thus far! The questions were very fair and the faculty did an amazing job of making the students feel more at ease. I had an overall great experience!
  11. For those who have been accepted, congratulations!! I have an interview coming up this Saturday, does anyone have any tips or advice as to how to prepare? Were the questions traditional, ethical, behavioral? Any help would be appreciated!
  12. @alysd I sent an email to the admissions team and they told me that we would hear back by the end of November regarding if we are selected for interviews. I wasn’t sure if this meant they will still be interviewing in November because that’s not usually the case comparing to the past cycles but who knows?
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