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  1. @bdlaing @Samsam190 Congrats! Super awesome to see people get off the waitlist, if you guys are attending feel free to hop in the FB group. We have some links for housing and whatnot posted up.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/348755079796316
  3. You guys open to making a FB page? I can get a group started! I'm looking into buying a home and looking for roommates, found the perfect one but it sold before I could hop on it.
  4. @ccrocker13 @prePA11224 @ak4113 Congrats to you all! Planning to attend?
  5. You can never really know what people will ask you on these interviews. At the very least know yourself and be ready to answer, the common questions of why PA, why not other jobs, what makes you a good candidate, tell me about yourself, etc are ones I hear a lot. You might stumble over some medical ethical questions, but that's just the nature of the question. As @PrePAlife said it's easier to be yourself than somebody else. Just be personable, exhibit good soft skills, be confident, and give it your best.
  6. Its my first and only acceptance so planning to attend!
  7. Ahh bummer maybe I will be the only one then lol. Mine is Friday morning
  8. I thought I was going to be the only one haha, Ill see you there!
  9. Has anybody gone to an in person interview?
  10. Wait is this for real? They haven't sent me a rejection yet
  11. Damn, applied around the same time. Hoping to hear something soon lol.
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