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  1. That's the issue I've run into. I really don't think employers take soon to be grads seriously unless you somehow have an 'in' at a location. That and maybe family medicine. There are just too many variables and I don't think 6 months away in a post-covid world is realistic.
  2. I started applying 4 months from graduation but I briefly stopped in between after a lot of the responses were either telling me to find experience or apply after licensure in hand. I'm very much open to Ortho since like you mentioned it would be a good bridge to EM. From what I've seen Ortho jobs tend to be very new grad friendly but its just a saturated market at the moment. Thanks for the advice!
  3. I respect these, but I came from a three year school and already have debt that I need to start paying off. From my perspective, the idea of a post-graduate training program puts me at a four year education. That's 3 years less than going to medical school. I'd rather work and teach myself along the way.
  4. For those of you that graduated last year or this year, how long did it take you to find employment? In the ever changing post-COVID marketplace it seems like this golden ticket is no longer valid... I'm one month away from graduation and have applied to dozens of jobs with only one interview. It's getting a little disheartening. I'm open to speciality (so long as it gets me experience to transition to EM) and looking between two states in the PNW and yet all the replies I get are, "we need experience." It really does seem no one outside of surgery wants to take on a new graduate.
  5. I'm a soon to be new graduate looking to relocate to the greater Seattle region (a dream of nearly ten years for me! ) from the North East and was hoping to get some insight as to which hospital systems tend to be new grad friendly? To be more specific, I have a 4 year background as an ED tech and really want to return to the acute care setting but also very much willing to work my way there from an alternative route. Edit: I'm a member of WAPA and look on their job postings frequently as well
  6. I'm a PA student from NJ who is interested in moving to WA or OR upon graduation and would love the opportunity to rotate with a motivated preceptor in ambulatory medicine (primary care). This would be for 5 weeks during late Fall or Winter.
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