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  1. I say go for it! I just applied December 10th so I'm later than some, too.
  2. Hi I just applied to this program and wanted to join the thread!
  3. I interviewed 11/19 and haven't heard back yet. They said it would take 2-3 weeks because they haven't been meeting as often.
  4. The email says they just need the background check and the drug screening. I received it earlier this morning.
  5. Just got an interview date for next week for the MPH/PA program!!
  6. I applied on July 15th for the dual program and just received an interview invite!
  7. Hi! I just received an interview invite today and I submitted my application on June 15th to CASPA, was verified June 20th, and completed the supplemental application June 24th.
  8. According to the handbook on their website, it states those who will be interviewed receive the supplemental application, and at the top of the page from the link where it lists the steps of completing the supplemental, it said something like "PA interview only". I'm not fully certain on interview dates (I haven't heard anything from them yet), but I believe they start interviews in September!
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