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  1. Oh, also hopefully this could help some people: During our interview on 2/11, the faculty did mention that that was the last interview date for this cycle for anyone still waiting on some direction Wishing everyone the best for incoming acceptances as well as the next cycle!
  2. No, not yet but! No news is good news, so I'm staying hopeful for all of us
  3. Ahh, we just ended, but hopefully we can meet tomorrow at the happy hour social! I think everyone’s planning to go to that
  4. Hopefully, no news is good news in this case for you I did read somewhere on the website that all prospective applicants are notified of their status by March so it shouldn't be too much longer!
  5. @MEL1995 - Definitely not too late! Emailing you right now!
  6. From what I've read from previous threads and cycles for SMU, they usually call anywhere from 5-10 candidates after each interview that they really liked and extend them an early acceptance. So that still gives room for equal early acceptances after each interview date. After that, they rank and invite the rest accordingly. No one is rejected from SMU if you're extended an interview from my understanding, just waitlisted from 1-100.
  7. Hi, just reiterating for anyone who's interviewing for 2/13, we have a group started for a pre-interview Zoom meet-up You can reply to this post or PM me your email and I'll get you added to the group. Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone! I got a call this morning to interview for 2/11 Just for anyone wondering if they’re still doing interviews, they definitely are, so don’t lose hope yet!
  9. Anyone interviewing for 2/13 want to do a zoom meet as well? DM me your emails
  10. I’m hoping any current students might be able to answer this question - I noticed in previous years that they host a pizza party the night before interviews to answer questions/quell some nerves. I know the circumstance this year is a little different, but is anyone aware of a possible Zoom version for this cycle? I would be interested in an even last minute put-together
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