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  1. It takes a little while to get to you, and a while for them to give you a "received" notice.
  2. Also, if it tells you anything, there are only 31 people on the FB page that you get invited to after your deposit is in. That includes a few of the 1st and 2nd years. Don't give up hope!
  3. We don't know how many spots are left, but we know for sure that they don't fill all the spots with early acceptances.
  4. Heya! So the first day is VERY smooth. You can tell that the program put a lot of effort into making it feel like how it would be during non-covid times. The program looks good on paper, and it gets better when you learn more about it. No "helpful info" to give. Just enjoy yourself! Good luck!
  5. Breaking the cycle here! I got a rejection from the 9/21 interview at about 6:30pm today. Pace was hand-in-hand with another program as my number one, and I ended up getting into the other program! Happy for all of you that were accepted! Enjoy the city
  6. Hey all! I interviewed on Oct 12/13 (M/T), and I was contacted by Ms. Kays on Oct 16 (F) with an acceptance! This was by far the best interview process I've gone through. This program really CARES about both their current and future students!
  7. I got an interview invite today! I'll see some of you on Halloween! Best of luck to everyone with interviews and those waiting for the email!
  8. I also received an email that my application is moving to the 2nd step!
  9. I believe they said mid-October after three interview rounds.
  10. If you weren't an 8 am interview, you were dismissed until 5 minutes or so before your interview starts. I interviewed at 10:50, so I used those few hours to study a little bit more
  11. Thank you! -- The 7 am presentation was "camera on" for most people. We were not given the names of our interviewers prior to the interview. We (interviewees) collectively gathered in one Zoom room and were placed in our "break away" interview rooms by one of the faculty members. We also had the opportunity to speak with current students in another break away session in groups of 4-5 after the interviews were coming to an end around 11:30. That lasted for about 30-45 minutes. Best of luck to you!!
  12. Hey there! Thanks for the well wishes. The interview was performed by two interviewers. In my case, they went over my application and asked specific questions dealing with grades, healthcare hours, and any other clarifications for the first 10 or so minutes. After that, they asked a few regular interview questions that were not scenario-based. Then they opened the floor for my questions. -- Best of luck if you're interviewing!
  13. What a great morning it is! I got an interview as well! 9/21! Glad to see everyone getting excited! We've all been waiting!!
  14. I got the same confirmation email. -- I applied in June.
  15. Hey all! I also received an interview for 9/10. Good luck to those who are interviewing and those still waiting!
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