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  1. Hi, My name is Ashley, and I am looking to shadow a PA in Orlando, FL. I am currently volunteering in OrlandoHealth Dr. Philips Hospital. I thought it'd be easier to gain access to know more health professionals, but I am so shy and afraid to ask. I would really appreciate if any of you guys could give me some advices on how to find shadowing opportunities. Or if any PA in Orlando area, who would like to give me a chance to learn from, I would be really grateful. Thank you guys. Ashley ashleyashpyy@yahoo.com
  2. Hi, I recently enrolled in Chemeketa Fall 2020 for two classes, anatomy and physiology I and medical terminology. I have never taken classes online before, especially labs. It's pretty hard to imagine taking science classes and labs online. Has anyone taken these classes online before? Any tips for online labs? I don't imagine medical terminology would be harder online but I seriously am worry about A&P I. Thanks guys! Any tips would help!
  3. is that college good? there are so many choices I don't even know which one to choose lol. would you recommend taking classes there?
  4. Hi, I just a general question about online labs. Are they accepted by the PA schools? I’ve never taken a science class online especially with labs being taught online as well. But with this virus situation, I might have to because I don’t have a choice. I just want to make sure they are valid and accepted by PA school admission before I take them.
  5. I’m wondering if any of you guys are taking labs online? Because of the virus, a lot of the classes and labs are moved online, but I heard that PA schools do not recognize online labs. Wouldn’t it be a waste of time and money then? any advice in this situation?
  6. Thank you so much for replying. I just emailed Valencia college admission yesterday and they told me all those science classes are held fully online even with labs, which is a problem for me. If you don’t mind me asking, what are the classes that you are taking and are they also held online?
  7. Hi guys, I'm new here but I was so happy to find this forum knowing so many people are going through the same things. And I now know where to seek help when I need it ><. So here is my situation. I currently reside in NYC, I have just graduated with a degree in Biological Sciences. I have a chance to escape NYC (I LOVE NY, all my family is here but it can be too much sometimes) down to Florida and I want to take the chance to. I have a few prerequisites (anatomy, physiology and microbiology) I still need to take before I start applying. I was wondering if any of you guys are
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