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  1. I also generally feel the same as the last two posters! I was accepted to other NY programs and have always lived in the NY area and SBU was my favorite because of cost, prestige, location, and the overall vibe of the program i had gotten from interviews. Interacting with the staff and second year students at the interview made my decision set in concrete that I was definitely going to commit to SBU. In regards to location, anywhere in NY is pretty cool in my opinion but with SBU the close proximity to the city and opportunity for rotations in some big name places was of high appeal to me! I a
  2. At my interview they stressed that this does not influence the decision at all!
  3. Declined Glendale campus a few days ago.. hopefully opens up spots for those of you still awaiting responses! Best of luck to everybody!!!
  4. I know during my interview in the zoom area where you were in between sessions during breaks one of the staff said they try their best to group different time zones together for certain interview dates in an attempt to compensate slightly for it so hopefully they keep that in consideration for those of you not on NY time!
  5. Hi guys! I am declining Hofstra after recently being contacted.. just wanted to give timeline to those that are curious and still awaiting a response from this program. Supp fee paid 5/1 and CASPA verified 5/18 application received 5/19 best of luck!!!
  6. I know!! I know my interviewer said to not be worried that it may take up to 3 weeks from the interview date because COVID is causing delays in their process!
  7. It’s 1:1 and 15 mins long. Honestly feels like a glorified FaceTime call in the best/most friendly way
  8. So they actually allow you to sign onto an account they make for you for Upstate and you are able to pick an interview date. I have already been accepted to my top program, so I will be declining the invitation and therefore won’t bother to create the account (otherwise I would give you more specific dates and times)! - but you do have a choice luckily enough for this program!
  9. Just got an interview invitation about 30 mins ago
  10. In the next few days I will be forfeiting my seat in the program because I was accepted to my top choice this afternoon. Hopefully this opens up a spot very soon for somebody who is super ecstatic about getting into the Marist program!! Good luck guys!!
  11. Just got my acceptance call five minutes ago!! To HSC can’t believe it
  12. I can’t remember if somebody asked already.. but does class have a dress code for this program?
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