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  1. What is the typical GPA of a competitive applicant? The average undergraduate cumulative GPA of applicants for the most recent class was 3.58 with a science GPA of 3.57. GPAs vary from one class to another as the applicant pool varies. If that is your cGPA, I would say it also matters what your sGPA is. If your sGPA is closer to their average than I would say definitely try. What is the average GRE score of a competitive applicant? A competitive GRE score is in the 80th percentile or higher for GRE Verbal and in the 60th percentile or higher for GRE Quantatative with a 4.0 or greater Analytical score. I would also say it depends on your GRE percentiles as well! Of course these are just averages so you can be slightly below, but this is a "competitive applicant profile" listed on their website! Hope this helps!!
  2. They said they only have 3, but maybe a 4th from what I heard on my interview date. The first was August 4th then they would definitely have one in September and October, and then maybe a fourth in November. Deff possible it changes but that’s as far as I know right now!
  3. Congrats to everyone getting acceptances just now, soooo extremely exciting!
  4. Don’t be anxious at all! I was too because I literally got verified 5/15 and didn’t get my interview scheduled till two days ago.
  5. I received mine about an hour ago for my interview on Thursday. Maybe check spam or reach out to them only since it’s so close to your actual interview!
  6. Hoping we start hearing some news soon from Hofstra!!
  7. I can give you mine for reference if you’d like! Verified for CASPA 5/15 and Arcadia received GRE 6/1. Received interview invite on 7/7 and was scheduled with an interview date on 8/8 for 8/13!
  8. I wouldn’t be worried! If you look at last years cycle there were people receiving acceptances into January! Of course it’s even better to apply early, but I think you’ve still got a good shot!
  9. The first “round” of interviews have been sent out for the cycle. I applied and was verified approx May 15 and received an interview notification early June!
  10. This is so funny and true because I found myself talking about Harry Potter during mine
  11. The last portion is a chance for Q and A. Where it actually states you will have your “interview” at a time with a zoom link is the actual interview that spans about a half hour (so from what you’re saying 7:50a for you). Marist has a slightly different format from other schools, so their interview is broken into three small parts -most of the time you’re by yourself, but for one part you’re with one other interviewee. Otherwise it’s you and 1-2 staff members!! Hope this helps!
  12. That was my plan! Okay thanks
  13. Just wanna confirm with anyone accepted from the 7/24 interview date, we can submit the deposit as late as 8/13 right? I know I see it in the email sent to me, but have been neurotically worried that I could possibly be reading it wrong and do not wanna risk it
  14. 44 people were on my interview day- you can see them during the original opening admissions talk, but you have a personal interview with a set up of 3:1. I personally enjoyed my interview/interviewers a ton, but I would say it was less conversational/comfortable/relaxed as previous experiences I have had elsewhere. Slightly more intimidating comparatively to my interviews earlier in the cycle, but by no means a negative experience!!!
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