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  1. Yes! I received a call today from Dr. Ferrera that I was pulled off the wait list and accepted to the Southampton campus. She gave me until the end of the weekend to make a decision and then she shall call the next alternate
  2. Yes I received one on April 22nd at 8AM for the New Jersey campus, but have turned it down as well as I’ve committed to another program. Best of luck!
  3. If anyone was accepted and plans on moving to the Queens, NY area please let me know! I'm looking for a roommate in the program.
  4. No I found out about 2 weeks after I interviewed!
  5. They told me they will be interviewing into March!
  6. I received an interview offer yesterday, but respectfully declined as I’ve been accepted to other programs. Hopefully my spot goes to someone as deserving
  7. Is there a Facebook page for accepted students for St. John’s?
  8. Waitlisted today but I will probably be turning it down as I was accepted to other programs thankful for the opportunity to interview with them, though!
  9. THANK YOUUU yes I accepted I am really excited :)! such an amazing program I feel really lucky to be a part of it
  10. I got an invite through an email with a doodle link to pick the date/time that worked best for me. They are interviewing all the way into March so I wouldn't reach out yet, it's still early
  11. Haha, yes 5! I’ve interviewed at 7 so far, been accepted to 5, one waitlist and one I haven’t heard from yet. Honestly, I think the interview weighs a lot. They already like you based on your application if they’re inviting you for an interview, you just need to wow them when they’re getting to know you. I studied for interviews with Savanna Perry’s interview book, and did one mock interview with the PA platform. I also prep a week in advance for interviews, and spend the whole week learning and memorizing all I need to know about that school specifically- as well as what I need to know about
  12. Hi Dean! I feel like we applied to all of the same schools, haha. Yes they're interviewing into March from my understanding
  13. My interview was only a half hour, it was me with two interviewers. Super laid back and lowkey, very conversational. No need to be free the whole day.
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