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  1. Does anyone know of the type of interview style the do ie. MMI, 1:1, group, essay, etc? I'm assuming all interviews will also be virtual this year as well?
  2. Does anyone know about the style of the interviews? Group, 1:1, MMI? I know they will be virtual for sure.
  3. Can those of you who have already interviewed share what the interview process was like? Thanks!
  4. will we receive an email if we are no longer being considered? I missed one biology pre-requisite (I didn't realize the wouldn't count my biochemistry course because it was offered by the CHEM department as a biology course). I'm in the process of taking another biology pre-req anyways even though I know they won't accept it now but I wasn't sure if they send an email to let you know you are totally out of the running? I sent 2 emails and left a voicemail and haven't heard anything.
  5. Starting a new thread for this application cycle. Good luck all! Verified 5/19
  6. Congrats! Did they send an email to just you or was it sort of a group email type thing? Just curious how the interview process works with virtual interview scheduling.
  7. That is how I approached the question. I focused on my goals as a PA and how they align with the mission/values of Northeastern. I also focused on what it means to become a part of the NE community, where it's located, etc.
  8. sgpa: 3.67 cgpa: 3.6 PCE: 3200+ as a clinical/critical care registered dietitian HCE: 6000+ (wellness education specialist, personal trainer, hematology/onc admin, population health mgr) Shadow: 90+ (MD/NP/PA) Volunteer: 66+ -- I am trying to get more it's hard being a new mom working FT
  9. This is my second cycle so I hope it goes well! I have good grades and a lot of shadowing/volunteer so fingers crossed Thanks for replying!
  10. I've been a clinical/ICU RD now for just about 2 years this July and just applied early for this PA cycle. I've heard positive feedback on having this type of unique PCE experience. Just curious if anyone else has applied/gotten accepted with this type of experience versus the more traditional EMT, CNA, etc?
  11. How long did it take the program to email out the interview requests if you were an early applicant?
  12. I haven't either, I didn't pay a supplemental fee.
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