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  1. I received an interview invite, but declining it as I have been accepted to different school. I really hope this interview opportunity help someone else. I wish you all the best! "Go forth and conquer!" Good luck everyone!
  2. Just received my rejections too, hope this opens more interview seats, but I have been in process of my other acceptance. So good luck to everyone!
  3. So they didn't call you for being waitlisted? Did you have your interview on sept 25th? Did they date the letter and when was it dated? If you do not mind.
  4. When did you guys interview? If you don't mind.
  5. As from my interviewed they said they will let us know after they have been accredited and around end of october. Wishing everyone a great weekend.
  6. That is fantastic! Congratulations! Would you mind letting me know what time did you interview on 10/12?
  7. Also, @lbrown When did you guys interviewed? Congratulations!!
  8. Hello! How was your interview? How many candidates where ther for the virtual interview? Wish you the best! @BlondeBritt Nope, nothing! Just waiting anxiously!
  9. Oh i thought you were asking how she contacted me which was through email. They will be doing phone calls for acceptance in next few weeks that is what Ms. Danielle meant.
  10. I emailed Ms. Danielle, she said they will send the decision out within next few weeks.
  11. This is from last years there is another one for this year were students got accepted.
  12. That is great would you mind sharing what waitlist number were you on?
  13. Congratulations! What time was your ITV today and when did you receive an email?
  14. Did anyone from waitlist received an acceptance yet? Or have a feeling that they will do it after the last interview date? Does anyone know how the waitlist works for Pitts? I wish everyone a great and happy journey for becoming a successful PA.
  15. Sweet they are having virtual interview on friday right? @Medeja did you heard anything from 9/25 afternoon interview yet?
  16. Congratulations for your acceptance! I wish you the very best! Also, thank you so much for opening a seat for some1 else.
  17. What time did you guys receive your phone calls on 10/1 for interview date on 9/18?
  18. Did they let you know when they will sent out decision? Does anyone know?
  19. Oh! How was the interview experience? How many candidates where there in session? Also, would you mind letting us know how was the interview set up for your particular time? What type of questions traditional, MMI, group, or panel interview for 30 minutes? I would appreciate something about pace university.
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