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  1. I just called and was told that all interview offers were sent out on Friday. She told me the next letters to go out will more than likely be denial letters.
  2. I was told that a lot of people application was 99 percent complete (Happened to me). They reopened the application because it happened to so many people. I was also told that our applications will still be considered. Fingers still crossed.
  3. I looked at the website, but I didn’t see anything about an upcoming information session. I’ve tried calling local hospitals, but everyone is refusing to take on students for preceptorship until further notice.
  4. Are you from the surrounding area ? Would you recommend this program to anyone ? I haven’t had the chance to attended any information sessions. Again sorry for all the questions, but I thank you all for answering them.
  5. Do you know if this school rotates for clinical or if you’re with that one preceptor the entire time? Sorry to ask so many questions. I just found out a out to program a few days ago.
  6. Hi everyone! So I just decided to apply to this school. Has anyone had any luck finding a preceptor? Thanks
  7. rejected as well. There’s always next year good luck to all the other applicants.
  8. Thank you for. Hopefully that doesn’t mean rejections lol. We can do ittttttt
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