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  1. I made a facebook group for everyone thats been accepted. Looking forward to meeting all of you! (5) OHSU PA program c/o 2023 | Facebook
  2. I got waitlisted 2 weeks ago and still dont know my ranking.
  3. I didn't see one, so I created a facebook group for the class of 2023. (8) NU Feinberg School of Medicine PA program c/o 2023 | Facebook. Looking forward to meeting you all!
  4. I was offered a seat, but will be denying it. I'm truly honored to be considered by this amazing program.
  5. Has anyone been rejected or waitlisted yet? Just wondering if no news is good news or if everyone is getting the news at the same time.
  6. I'm on the alternate list also. This means another 6 weeks of waiting to be accepted.
  7. I just did my interview overview today. They told us that this is the last week of interviews and all notifications will be sent out by the 22nd.
  8. Not yet, but I haven't been rejected either so my hopes are still high.
  9. What did you do this year that made you a much better applicant than last year?
  10. I kinda hope not. My interviewer was 10 min late and rushed me through it. He didn't seem too impressed with me at all. Hopefully its just in my head.
  11. Rejected. Interviewed 10?5 also. Interviews were super friendly and warm. They just seem to be looking for specific personality types that will mesh together for 2 years.
  12. After the interview and meeting the staff, I love this school even more now.
  13. Me too! Hopefully they like us as much as the 9/28 crew haha. Good luck.
  14. I just got my invite yesterday. They just schedule you for a day and time, but I'm assuming that if you call or email them they'll be accommodating. Its pretty much a all day event.
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