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  1. So, I am starting PA school January, 2021. I have applied for the Stafford Loan and will get $20,500 per year and the Direct Plus Loans, which I have no idea how much I'll receive because my school doesn't built cost of attendance packages until mid-november. I know my program is roughly $14,000/semester, and housing +utilities is around $1,000/month where I will attend. I also decided to factor in around $300/month for groceries and for health insurance respectively because I will be over the age of 26 when the program begins. Let's say my school says costs of attendance is $43,000 per year, and we subtract the $20,500 from the $45,000 to get $22,500. That means that I'll be receiving $14,333.33 per semester, over the 3 semesters. Which leaves me with $333.33/semester to pay for books, housing, health insurance, food, etc. Should I apply for private loans, or am I missing something. When I talked to financial aid they made it seem like I should be receiving like $5,000-$6,000/semester to help pay for non-tuition expenses. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you - Squaaatch
  2. I also got accepted today! Is there an official Facebook group yet?
  3. @CarolineHall20 this is what I got from Ms. Qualls: ”They have not. Hopefully, next week! Remember, acceptances will receive a phone call. Thank you for your patience, Alli Qualls”
  4. @CarolineHall20 I haven’t heard anything yet. Emailed Ms. Qualls, but still haven’t heard anything
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