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  1. Certainly right! I've definitely had the conversation with my s/o that I really have to see how rigorous my program will be and whether I can handle the stress of wedding planning. I also believe that life shouldn't completely stop just because you're in school as long as you're honest with yourself about what you can/can't take on. Thanks for offering your year recommendation!
  2. If I could offer my honest opinion, I think questions like that will most likely come off as impatient/annoying. I don't have experience with emailing adcoms this question so I'm not sure what the chances of even receiving an answer are, but I find it way more cordial, if you will, to look through these forums, Facebook groups, or even ask specific members on here if they've heard of the number of seats left from their most recent interview slots. If you find that you MUST email them due to a time crunch etc., I would suggest finding a better way to word it (further express your interest, state any pending decisions while their's is your top, etc) and make sure that program hasn't stated somewhere NOT to inquire about the process--it'll probably negatively stick with them should you do that. If they stated acceptances will continue until December, they'll probably repeat that as a response.
  3. I'm currently going through the financial aid process for a Jan program right now and if you're on the same boat, I can't even imagine having to re-do all those calculations and budgeting plans to a whole new program/living arrangement. If it's easy to do and you're able to ask for more money or give back extra money after this new decision, then I would still agree with the downside stated above. But, from what I've experienced with this process, you're asking/putting money towards a specific school so you would have to start that same process all over again in almost the same fiscal year, if that's even allowed.
  4. Looks like they began sending out interview invites, received one today. Good luck everyone!
  5. I was in a similar situation and I'd say if you're confident in this inaugural class, definitely go for it! Keep in mind, some Nov/Dec interview invites may possibly be given to you from other programs between pulling off of waitlists and others denying seats, if you're really in doubts during this time crunch. Also, I had to remind myself as well that just because there are future interviews, does not mean future acceptances while you have one under your belt right now. Worst case, something will fall through with the inaugural cohort and you can keep interviewing in Jan/Feb unless you actively withdraw them.
  6. Sorry to hear this--this is a long shot but if you're on a time crunch for whatever reason and are determined to get into PA school this cycle I'd say: draft a well worded email (not sounding whiny or desperate and I'd personally own up to the mistake) to some schools you're strongly considering and ask first if it would be worth sending the personal statement as a PDF, explain what happened in CASPA, and if they still would consider your application or you as an applicant. Keep in mind that your name may be attached to this scenario in their heads if you chose to do this (chances are they'll forget with the number of applicants though)! Worse case: they won't reply or say "no" altogether. If you believe your chances are really done with what you've submitted, perhaps don't waste your money this cycle. Overall, you never know if there are nice adcom out there since you already know CASPA revision won't be your side.
  7. Congrats all around! I certainly didn't forget about PANCE, that's why I thought it's valuable to ask those experienced which year they felt is more doable---last thing I'd want is to jeopardize my education after all time and money spent. I do agree that a wedding planner would be a huge help in this scenario! Absolutely right! Definitely going in with the "school is priority" mindset---I'm proud of where I made it to and won't sacrifice that. Hoping others found a healthy balance that could share.
  8. Just withdrew my interview due to being accepted to a program that starts in January. Hope this frees up a spot, good luck everyone!
  9. I'm in the same boat and I found out from Nova exactly two weeks after my interview day. I was told you know within a week if you're accepted
  10. Thank you for your advice everyone! I've chosen to withdraw the interview and am confident in my choice of the inaugural program as it'll be better for my future.
  11. Hello everyone! I am a newly engaged applicant who's been accepted to an inaugural program starting in January (fingers crossed nothing falls through) and am looking for advice from any PA-S or PA-C on whether to plan a wedding during didactic year to get married during clinicals or plan during clinicals and get married post graduation? I come from a cultural family so wedding's tend to be big and I am assuming planning will take at least a year or 6 months prior to the date. For what it's worth my program is set to graduate March 2023 and my fiancé is projecting 2022 to be the best for him, financially. Would love any insight from spouse PA's who had to make this decision or even attendees in rigorous programs.
  12. They actually received accreditation shortly after this post!! Would you suggest I still interview with my other program? I'm really conflicted in case something falls through with the inaugural program and my last interview is coming up this week!
  13. Do you mind sharing which email you used to communicate with? I emailed them back in August with an update and they never answered me
  14. I am, I was thinking of emailing the school on a status update but this campus specifically asked applicants not to ask
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