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  1. I just received an interview invite today & I applied in July as well. This was the first time they contacted me since submitting my application.
  2. I agree! I was rejected as well and I didn't perceive it as my application wasn't looked at, at all. They probably put in the "minimum requirements" statement as a reminder for the next cycle, not a blow to your application.
  3. Keep in mind that CASPA will transfer over most inputted information except letters of recommendations (and maybe personal statement?), each year. Personally, I filled out CASPA a couple months before what is considered to be an "early" date to submit and I felt just fine about everything, so to each their own. One thing I would suggest doing ahead of time is manually inputting all prerequisites required unless you'll choose to pay and have that done for you (that was one of the first things I did carefully and had no issues and paid no extra money). Nothing impeded me personally by
  4. If I could offer my opinion, I feel that applications are all about balance. I personally did not have a good GRE score at all but I had a good GPA and I received quite a bit of interviews and two acceptances---with about the same PCE and less shadowing hours! Unfortunately a lot of schools do place some emphasis on numbers so if you can admit to yourself that one area may be lower, try to balance that with higher numbers elsewhere. If GRE is not in your future plan and your PCE was perhaps gained in one area, consider diversifying your experience elsewhere. Don't overlook extra letters of rec
  5. Involving admin and taking their advice into consideration sounds like a great idea! If I do mine during didactic, I would certainly plan it towards a specific break, not in the middle of anything important and same would apply for clinical year. Thank you!
  6. I received a conditional acceptance today as well!! Congrats to the others who did, I guess they're filling seats now!
  7. They're going to wait if they are requiring three. This also makes it an even playing field for all applicants.
  8. I've heard this said in other groups and I've definitely thought of it myself and I say this with good intentions; I don't think it's a good idea to post your work and your story on platforms where the honor system isn't adequately upheld. I suggest finding trustable people to ask or advisors/writing labs/tutors from institutes or services like mentioned above for specific advice without worrying about the ill intentions of others. You never want your own narrative and work to be used in anyway without you knowing---I'd stick with asking general formatting questions if I were in your position.
  9. Schools will only begin viewing your application when you're completely verified by CASPA. Two letters are required to begin your verification process meaning you cannot go back and edit anything--everything you have filled out will be set in stone for schools to see. So when two are submitted, one recommender can still be pending and send it when they can without delaying your application process. At the end of it, programs want to see three altogether when comes time to review your application in queue.
  10. My school gave us modules and told us to study medical terminology before starting---granted I start in January. They may surprise you in 2021 with recommended subjects, my school is not the first to do so. But if they don't, I'd agree with relaxing. (That's what I would've wanted to do.)
  11. Certainly right! I've definitely had the conversation with my s/o that I really have to see how rigorous my program will be and whether I can handle the stress of wedding planning. I also believe that life shouldn't completely stop just because you're in school as long as you're honest with yourself about what you can/can't take on. Thanks for offering your year recommendation!
  12. If I could offer my honest opinion, I think questions like that will most likely come off as impatient/annoying. I don't have experience with emailing adcoms this question so I'm not sure what the chances of even receiving an answer are, but I find it way more cordial, if you will, to look through these forums, Facebook groups, or even ask specific members on here if they've heard of the number of seats left from their most recent interview slots. If you find that you MUST email them due to a time crunch etc., I would suggest finding a better way to word it (further express your interest,
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