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  1. For those who are interested in the dates of the upcoming Virtual Information Session (Webinar) I will list them below. All individuals who have filled out the googleform to opt-in to receive emails will be sent the link to register for the webinar and ask questions with our faculty live. Please note all of these are PST Mar 20, 2021 02:00 PM Mar 24, 2021 04:00 PM Apr 7, 2021 04:00 PM Apr 10, 2021 12:00 PM Apr 17, 2021 12:00 PM Apr 21, 2021 04:00 PM
  2. Greetings to all potential applicants, I'm writing on behalf of the faculty at the Santa Maria, ATSU Central Coast California PA program. We are delighted to announce that we have decided to extend our application cycle for the cohort starting October 2021. We have extended the deadline until May 31, 2021 1. You can apply on the University website since we are not utilizing CASPA this year. If you would like to receive emails from our department about upcoming Online Virtual Information Sessions please fill out this GoogleForm. We will be sending webinar registration emails
  3. Great question. Admissions does a lot of the GPA calculation. You can email admissions@atsu.edu to find out more
  4. Great question. Our website has some great information as well: https://www.atsu.edu/chc/admissions/admissions-requirements Hope this helps, but if you have any additional questions please let me know! Thank you, PA Wilson Application Requirements The following requirements must be fulfilled prior to application to the Central Coast Physician Assistant (CCPA) program: Demonstrate a minimum 2.5 cumulative overall grade point average* Demonstrate a minimum 2.5 cumulative science grade point average* Successfully complete all prerequisite courses with a g
  5. Great question! If you complete 2A then you will be invited for 2B and then 2C
  6. @ninjahmc @Kalynn1922 We have approximately 20 CHCs across the country We have a virtual information session that you can attend to find out more
  7. @MirandaVta97 It is definitely not too late! The application is open until April 2021 Hope that helps! We have a Virtual Information Session January 13th that is free for those who would like to ask questions with the Program Director. Sincerely, PA Wilson
  8. @CelinaF Definitely not too late at all!! Our program is rolling admissions, and we will have the application open until April 2021. Then we will close the application for a month prior to opening it up for the next cycle Hope that helps! -Sara Wilson, MPAS, PA-C Preclinical Curriculum Coordinator CCPA Program
  9. The online modules part I are dong through a learning management system (Canvas) on your own. The second part of the modules are via interview with the faculty through zoom. Hope that helps! -Sara Wilson, MPAS, PA-C Preclinical Curriculum Coordinator CCPA Program
  10. Yes absolutely!! -Sara Wilson, MPAS, PA-C Preclinical Curriculum Coordinator CCPA Program
  11. @landen47 @MLPALA It appears our office Admin is aware of this issue. We are looking into the problem and we should know more on Monday. Stay tuned. -Sara Wilson, MPAS, PA-C Preclinical Curriculum Coordinator CCPA Program
  12. @Sneuber Hi there, great question. It depends on the Admissions department. Once all the information is received in the application portal the Admissions team at ATSU reviews all the necessary documents. Once they have reviewed the information they then send the information to the PA department for the next steps. It may take some time depending on the number of applicants at the time and also if they are awaiting files/documents to be received for review. If you have not heard from them or have additional questions you can also reach out to admission at admissions@atsu.edu
  13. Hi @ninjahmc As soon as you complete the modules in Canvas send an email to the ccpap@atsu.edu email account that you have completed them. You can also review the Canvas invitation email that has some more details regarding the instructions :) If you have already sent an email let me know and I'll reach out to our administration for further assistance :D Thank you, PA Wilson
  14. Hi there SamCha! No it is not too late to apply. The program does rolling admissions and the application cycle for the starting class of October 2021 is open until April 2021. Keep in mind the sooner an applicant submits their application the more likely there will still be seats available. We hope to have 100 students in the first class. If you have additional questions you can attend one of our Virtual information Sessions (free to ask questions and hear about the program) Register for our upcoming session by clicking this link.
  15. @MLPALA Great question! The application needs to be reviewed by the admissions team for completeness and verification of transcripts, GPA, letters of recommendation, etc...that can sometimes take a while depending on when all the documents are finally on file and then for admissions to review each applicant. Then after they have reviewed them we are notified of the number of applicants ready to move on to the online modules. We have been waiting for a sufficient amount of completed applications to move on to the next phase of the admissions process. Hope that helps!
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