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  1. If I recall correctly, during the first round of interviews they mentioned holding another round in October time..so perhaps/hopefully there will be some communication next month?
  2. Hello! They are accepting 36 students to their first cohort. I really hope you get pulled off the waitlist!
  3. really?! This didn’t happen to me but that would definitely leave me feeling confused. Administrative mistakes happen and if it truly was an error and you’re still being considered, that’s GREAT news!
  4. Hello! It was a ~ 2 hour virtual interview on Zoom
  5. Try not to lose hope! They did mention during the interview that their process is a little longer this year given the first cohort matriculates at the end of this month. I know waiting/not knowing is so so hard but I would consider no news to be good news Easier said than done, I know
  6. Oh no don’t think that! My understanding is that they hold interviews in waves. Right now, if you haven’t heard anything, you are still a candidate and have every chance of receiving an invite Last cycle they were still interviewing in March/April! And with people taking up seats elsewhere and turning down their acceptance, they will still add people to the cohort as needed until it’s full so please don’t lose hope until you have a rejection e-mail !
  7. Hello! I think this would be okay! I think you can phrase it in such a way that acknowledges they are busy and if they have a moment to confirm your application has been received, you'd be very grateful. I found them to be very responsive between application and interview invite so I think you should be fine! Best of luck to you!
  8. Yes! They absolutely make you feel comfortable! I honestly felt very much at ease. The faculty are very kind, easy to talk to and down to earth; they’re definitely not trying to catch you out or trip you up. My impression was they’re just trying to get to know you. I really enjoyed the whole experience!
  9. Thank you! I personally feel apprehensive sharing stats because I truly believe applicants are much more than their stats. Everyone's journey is so unique and valuable that I would focus on celebrating the fact that your hard work paid off and you reached this amazing milestone! I have no doubts you have a killer application, a big brain, a wealth of experience to bring to the table and WILL be an amazing PA! You may have already seen this but on the website, they have provided insight as to how they weight each component of the application. This might be helpful to determine how they look at applications. Prior academic performance: 45% Prior health care experience: 22% Volunteer and Service activities: 22% Miscellaneous items such as references and the CASPA narrative: 11% Happy to help if you have any other questions!
  10. I interviewed 7/30 too and received an acceptance today! I hope you receive your acceptance soon! Keeping my fingers crossed for you
  11. It’s so hard to know! I would assume the higher the better but it’s very difficult to know how much they value the score. It is not listed on their website with a corresponding value, so I assume it will be factored in holistically. Try not to worry too much, there are SO many components to these applications. I think having a weaker CASPer score is minor in comparison to GPA and quality of PCE/volunteer work. In general, the guidelines used for weighting these criteria are as follows: Prior academic performance: 45% Prior health care experience: 22% Volunteer and Service activities: 22% Miscellaneous items such as references and the CASPA narrative: 11%
  12. This is such a wonderful idea! Thank you for offering your time to share your experiences! I look forward to meeting you all
  13. I believe it might be! I'm not 100% sure but I completed snapshot the day after CASPer.
  14. My understanding is it is two 20 minute one-on-one interviews that are traditional (vs MMI). I hope that helps !
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