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  1. Okay thank you for letting me know! Hopefully it works soon:)
  2. Hey everyone! The email link for the Class of 2023 Facebook group isn't working for me, is it working for anyone else?:)
  3. Okay thank you for letting me know! If you heard anything in it that surprised you I'd love to hear about it:)
  4. Hello! I can't seem to find the recorded session anywhere, did they let you guys know where it would be posted?:) Thank you!
  5. Hello! Thank you so much for your details about the program! I have been nervous since I couldn't tour the school or meet faculty. May I ask you another question? Can you let me know how the rotations work? One of the things I am most excited about is having so many options for rotations and I am curious to learn more about them. From what you have learned thus far, are most of them close by or can you travel around the country? For housing do most people just do airbnbs because they are only 4 weeks? And have you heard anything about how short the rotations are, do people like that or do
  6. Hi guys, I was unable to attend the informational session because of work! Did anyone mention it being recorded? Or can anyone let me know of any important information they might have said? I would appreciate it so so much!
  7. I also received an interview for 10/2! I'm excited! Some people previously said it lasted around three hours
  8. Would you mind sharing your general pros and cons with me? Also were you accepted to Glenside or Christiana? And I haven't seen a group or page yet!
  9. Congratulations! I know this is probably something you don't want to hear but I think the absolute best thing you can do now is focus on your strengths and not other people's. Once you get an interview it's an even playing ground with you and others accepted for an interview, they want to see who you are, regardless of your stats. I didn't feel like I had the strongest stats, average at best, but I let that all go when I interviewed. I focused on my strengths and did my best to show them in the interview. My stats didn't even come up at all and I would recommend putting them out of your head a
  10. Congratulations everyone!! I also got accepted and I'm shocked and so happy. I'm also a total newbie, what do we do now? Is there a facebook page to connect with other accepted students?:)
  11. I got an interview invite today for next week (DE campus)! I am so excited and a little nervous! I was verified June 22nd
  12. Hi! I was just looking at this forum and I wanted to say thank you that what so thoughtful of you to ask that for other people! I had the same question!:) Thanks again!
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