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  1. Just got an interview invite for 11/08! This is one of my top choice so excited!
  2. Members 3 10 posts Posted just now Sure my stats are CGPA: 3.45 SGPA:3.3 DPC: 3,000hr working as a CNA LOR: 1 PA, 2 Nurses, 1 advisor Shadowing: 70hrs shadowing, Shadowed 1 pa for 60hrs and another for 10 hrs Volunteering: 300hrs I'm currently a Senior in my undergrad year, I wish everyone best of luck as you can see my gpa isnt the highest so getting an interview is surreal right now.
  3. Thank you so much! So I completed my Caspa Application June 23rd got verified the next day and afterwards I completed the secondary application June 25th I believed. if you have any other questions please dont be afraid to ask anything else I'll be happy to help! and good luck!!
  4. Hey! Since you already addressed it in your personal statement I would use that opportunity to write something that makes you stand out. In my optional document I talked about my upbringing and how it eventually led me medicine. Hope this helps!
  5. Just received an interview invite so excited!! While I would love to interview in person I'm doing on zoom, anyone have an recommendation on how to prepare? My interview is oct 18th
  6. Hey everyone just got an interview invite today super excited!!! Didn't believe I would be here However I was wondering if theres a way to change your interview date because the only available interview session is 12/10? The rest is complete booked sadly.
  7. Oh man that’s insane! Thank you so much for that I really do appreciate it last question what program are you attending? And I just wanna say good luck on the the rest of your finals I know your going to do great! Good luck with everything else
  8. Your an inspiration honestly thank you for that I truly Appreciated it! I try not to focus on those failed course and move on and seeing your story I see that’s it’s definitely possible. Yea I’m hoping to get a good score in order to apply in time. A few question since your in PA school right now how rigorous are the courses I know it’s hard but how hard are they compare to organic 2 or microbioloy. Also how do you study For so many courses all at once? I usually only take two rigorous courses per semester how would you manage three or even four that require constant studying? Sorry for all the questions I’m just really anxious.
  9. Yess it was a major help I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to this thank you again!!
  10. Thank you so much that I needed that reassurance but i did retake those classes but I manage to only get B and a B+ Unfortunately. But I did take the more difficult version of those class and got a B+( calculus) and a A (organic 1 and chem 2). So I was wondering if Pa program would see that I mature and can excel in those classes. As far as the gre I’m taking it again in the fall so I’m hoping to do much better! is there anything else that you recommend for me to do to strengthen my application such as research or anything at all!
  11. Hey everyone I’m a 3rd year food science major. I’m hoping to apply next cycle and I was wondering if you guys can look at my stats and what are my chances. So beginning college i had a rocky start I failed 2 classes chem 1 and pre-calc and got three Cs on other courses but after I started taking college seriously and realized I wanted to do something I really turn it around. The last couple semester have been an upwards trend, I’ve gotten an A in orgo and micbio and multiple upper level classes that are much more difficult than the gen ed classes i failed. I heard uptrend are good and I’m hoping that programs can overlook those failed course I was extremely immature about my future. One of my questions is how do program look at failed undergrad courses. Do they just denied right off? That’s my main concern right now. Currently: 21y/ M Current Gpa: 3.51 SGPA: 3.45 PCE: I currently have 2000hrs by the time I graduate I should have about 3000+ shadowing: 25-35hrs shadowing a PA oncologist due to COVID i couldn’t shadow any more. volunteering: 30hrs however I’m starting at volunteering clinic in the fall and I’ll be there for three semesters and I’ll be doing 5hrs a week there so I think my hrs should be good by application season. LOR: Nurse manager commit to writing me one and the pa I’ve shadow and a nurse GRE: N/A taking this fall took previously last year to see where i stand without studying I score a 292 I know very stupid but I’ll be sure to put a month or so aside to study and get a Competitive score. By the time next cycles open I’m pretty sure i can bring up my gpa and sgpa higher there very average Also I obtain my pce working as a CNA at a IMC unit being a sole Financial provider for myself i had to work to pay my bills and occasionally pay for some of my classes not that I don’t have support but the funds aren’t there but my mom is my biggest supporter. Also I’m hoping to shadow an MD Or another PA in the coming semester I’ll keep looking if you know any in the Gainesville Florida area would help a lot!.Any input is appreciated being a PA is something I’ve literally dreamed about so any advice at would would be much appreciative.
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