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  1. I just received an interview! I have already been accepted and started at another school, so I hope this gives someone else here a shot!! Best of luck to you all, and remember - it only takes one yes!
  2. congratulations!! were you pulled off of the waitlist?
  3. 8/4! Based off of this forum it doesn't look like it, but who knows!
  4. After checking last years page, it looks like people started to hear back around October regarding waitlist spots. I know they were still interviewing this week, but I’m not sure how many more they anticipate doing! And yes, fingers crossed!
  5. Okay, awesome! That's what I was thinking! Thanks & I sent them your way!
  6. Has anyone been pulled from the waitlist and offered an acceptance yet?
  7. It’s 4 hours long with three different 12 minute 1:1 interviews and a group activity.
  8. for those accepted, what was the 3 digit area code of the number that called you? thanks!
  9. That's so great to hear! Yay!! Congratulations, and thank you SO much for the update!
  10. For those that completed your finger prints for castle branch in person... how long did it take to get your results back? Thanks!
  11. Yes to the cadaver lab! There is not one on their actual campus, but they share a space with USF students to utilize a cadaver lab.
  12. Hi! Just to confirm - this was for Tampa, correct? Thanks in advance! I heard from from a friend there were 2 one on ones, a panel, a group, and a group activity for the West Palm location!
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