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  1. hey everyone! My name is Leah, I am the president of the Class of 2023 PA cohort. If any of you have any questions, feel free to email me at lsebade@trevecca.edu-- Good Luck with the admissions process!
  2. There is, add me on facebook: Leah Sebade and i can add you to it
  3. YAYYY congrats, add me on facebook, my name is Leah Sebade
  4. hey guys. I received an interview invite a couple hours ago too. I will be dropping it because I accepted a spot in another program! Good luck you guys!
  5. They can interview through February. It really depends on how many spots they fill in the fall. Good luck! I would not get too nervous yet
  6. hey yall, giving up my interview spot bc of other offers. Good luck to you all!
  7. Just got an offer! So excited to be a part of trevecca pa program
  8. I had my interview the other day wanted to see how everyone elses went and touch base with you all
  9. Just got invited to interview day, signed up for Monday September 21st.
  10. Me and I’m really stressed about it. I keep waiting and refreshing my email obsessively. I applied late May.
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