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  1. omg! Let's connect I am also a Canadian applying to US PA schools
  2. Has anyone still not heard back from the 3/4 interview...it's been over a month now so I'm starting to get worried
  3. I don't think so. According to their website, their interview cycle is typically from July to November!
  4. Hey, I actually didn't even get a copy when I submitted my first form to be on the waitlist and I didn't get one right now as well! Hopefully it went through haha
  5. Just got the “would you like to remain on the waitlist” email! Guess they are working on filling the remainder/opened spots congrats on everyone who has already been accepted!
  6. Can I ask what time July you submitted? Looks like they are finally looking into the July applicants. Best of the luck on your interview
  7. Congrats!! I hope you kill it Can I ask when you got verified?
  8. I was verified July 17, which isn't beginning of July but I still haven't heard anything from Drexel if that helps
  9. They just said that students on the wait list will be offered positions as spots open up
  10. Same here! Had mine on 9/23...hopefully it works out!! Goodluck
  11. I had my interview Sept 23 and am still waiting for decisions as well! During the interview, they told me it will take up to 3 weeks to get back so I wouldn't be too stressed...but trust me this patience game just ain't it
  12. Yes! That's what I did and then received my interview date and time via an e-mail a day later!
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