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  1. I know it's early, but has anyone heard back from the 11/9 interview??
  2. Rejection as well. Good luck everyone! Hang in there!
  3. Got the email this morning that I was put on the alternate list from my 10/5 interview. Good luck to everyone else!
  4. @MeganLloyd001 @alicwalk I don't have a definitive answer for y'all, but I imagine they are still interviewing. I know they have been busy with moving into the new building, so that could have delayed them a little bit with getting invites out...
  5. Also got the rejection email this morning without an interview. I'm an out of state applicant and submitted mid August. Good luck to everyone else!!
  6. Hi! Thanks for posting! Couple questions for you...what is the housing situation like for you and your classmates? And how are clinicals done? Are they at the hospital there in Albemarle or will you have to travel for some of them?
  7. First off, congratulations! I, too, have been accepted! I had my interview on 8/21 and received the email/phone call on 9/1. I had such a great experience in my interview! Very personal and comfortable. I appreciated the passion for the PA profession and the program's success that I felt from the faculty.
  8. Were you able to get put on the list and get an earlier interview date??
  9. I applied June 24 and got the confirmation email on July 2. Hopefully someone will get an update soon!
  10. I haven't heard a thing other than the confirmation email after I submitted the app and paid the supplemental fee.
  11. Just received an invitation to interview! Email said that they will be sending out a separate email to schedule the interview. I was verified on 6/24.
  12. Got invited for an interview today! All of the September dates were booked, so I am scheduled Oct. 5th AM!
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